15 Things to do in Paris

10 Aug 2021

Who hasn't seen the glittering city of Paris in movies, read it in novels, and not admire it? Probably nobody. Well, if you had the opportunity to visit Paris, France do you know what to do and places to visit in this magical city? It's pretty hard to decide, isn't it? Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs-Elysees, and many more names immediately come to mind.

Paris offers its visitors interesting, romantic, and fun things. The city's historical attractions, nightlife, food and beverage culture, entertainment... Whatever your expectations, Paris has the richness to surprise you. It is not enough for us to list all the things to do in Paris, nor can you do them all. In this post, you'll find the top 15 things to do in Paris that will appeal to different interests.

Top Things to do & see in Paris

1. Hang out on the St. Martin Canals

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Shashank Verma on Unsplash 

The best outdoor activity is to experience the spirit of the city in Paris. Plus it's completely free! St Martin's Canal, filled with cafes and boutiques, popular with hipsters lately, is ideal for bohemians. It also promises couples a romantic afternoon. It is full of stylish places to spend time along Rua Beaurepaire. Do not leave without tasting the famous special craft beers.

2. Watch the View from the Eiffel Tower

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Jeevan Jose on Unsplash 

While it's not one of the best things to do, you can't come to Paris and not look at the city from the Eiffel Tower. Not only is it one of the top attractions, but it's also the only place where you can see the city completely. The only problem is that you will have to queue very long. Sometimes there may be 2-3 hour waits. That's why we recommend that you buy your ticket to the Eiffel Tower well in advance. Even as soon as you buy your plane ticket. Visitors who don't want to wait in line may run out of tickets.

3. Visit the Louvre

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Patrick Langwallner on Unsplash 

Louvre, one of the landmarks of Paris and the largest art museum in the world, is definitely a place you should see and visit. The museum, which was home to kings for many years, was converted into a museum in the 18th century. It's like a work of art on its own. It may take days to see famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory, and the entire collection. Before you go to the museum, it may be good to decide which artifacts you want to see.

4. Walk on the Champs-Elysées

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Lukas Zischke on Unsplash

One of the most famous and lively streets in the world. One end is in the Louvre Museum and the other is in the Arc de Triomphe. One of the things you should do in Paris is definitely to walk along this street. If you want, you can take a look at the shops by diving into the side streets. If this 4 km walk is difficult for you, let us remind you of the metro line running on this route.

5. See the Palais Garnier Opera House

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Caleb Maxwell on Unsplash 

A magnificent monument representing eclectic architecture, Palais Garnier is a must-visit attraction for tourists. It is impossible not to admire the interior decoration and eye-catching ornaments of this historical building, the construction of which was completed in 1875. You can visit the place by yourself, but we recommend you to take a guided tour to learn its history.

6. Picnic By the Seine River

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash 

This outdoor activity may be ordinary for Parisians, but one of the most romantic things for couples in Paris. Especially if you're in town when the weather is nice. Take your picnic basket, open a bottle, and sit back and soak up the magnificent view. It's both cheap and unique. If you wish, you can go to the Ile de la Cité, which is located near the Pont des Arts Bridge. Chat calmly while listening to street musicians and feel the real Parisian feeling.

7. Explore Paris' Covered Passages

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Celine Ylmz on Unsplash 

These passages, built in the 1800s, are the most characteristic shopping venues in Paris. There are currently several dozen passages, all of them on the Right Bank. It is worth seeing with its glass ceilings, flamboyant architecture, and lighting. Seen as the world's first modern stores, you get so caught up in these passages that you might forget to shop.

8. Eat and Drink at the Famous Les Deux Magots

15 Things to do in Paris
Cheng-en Cheng from Taichung City, Taiwan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Les Deux Magots, which was frequented by famous literary figures of the 1930s and 1950s such as Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre, is located near St Germain. It is one of the must-do things for anyone visiting Paris. Although the prices are not very cheap, it is worth going to find out what a French cafe-bistro is like.

9. Visit the Vineyard in Montmartre

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Lasseter Winery on Unsplash 

Would you be surprised if we told you that there is a vineyard in the center of Paris? This unusual and the smallest vineyard in the world is called Vignes du Clos. The vineyard is not owned by a private company or individual, but by Montmartre, and local wine is produced for social enterprises. Parisians support their communities through their beloved wine.

10. Discover the Parks and Gardens of Paris

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash 

There is a well-known expression in French: flaneur. Wandering around the city aimlessly and noticing both human sights and small details. Put yourself in the shoes of these urban explorers as you wander through the parks and gardens of Paris. The Tuileries Gardens next to the Louvre, the Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th arrondissement, the Buttes Chaumont Park in northeast Paris and many more parks are both free and super romantic. We recommend both couples and families with children to explore these wonderful green areas in the city.

11. Tour the Château De Versailles

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash 

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited attractions in Paris. It is wonderful that this magnificent piece of architecture was able to survive the French Revolution without any damage. In the former royal palace, the stunning Hall of Mirrors, where shimmering chandeliers are reflected in more than three hundred mirrors, and the magnificent two-thousand-acre Gardens of Versailles are a must-see. If you are into history, you can choose a guided tour that tells many stories about the Palace of Versailles.

12. See the Masterpieces at the Orsay Museum

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Şelale Kıroğlu on Unsplash 

Why is the Orsay Museum always on the lists of the most popular things to do in Paris? Because it is possible to see the most well-known works of Renoir, Cézanne, van Gogh, Manet, Impressionists, and Post-Impressionists here. This museum was originally designed as a train station on the left bank of the Seine, but after a period of time it was empty, it began to offer a wonderful summary of French art and culture. Along with the Louvre and the National Museum of Modern Art, it has become one of the country's most important museums.

13. Enjoy All Kinds of Art at the Georges Pompidou Center

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash 

The Georges Pompidou Center first stands out with its exterior design. Once you get inside, it begins to fascinate you. This postmodern building houses the avant-garde music institute IRCAM and the National Museum of Modern Art. Important names of art history such as Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, Braque, Calder, Klee, Warhol, and Joseph Beuys are exhibited here.

14. Feel the Dread in the Catacombs

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Chelms Varthoumlien on Unsplash 

Just 20 meters below street level in the 14th arrondissement lies an eerie history. More than six million bones arranged with decorative patterns are waiting for visitors in the underground cemetery, which was thought to be the answer to the cemetery need of Paris in the 18th century. We recommend that you stay with your tour guide in these hair-raising labyrinths of death. You don't want to get lost here.

15. Shop Like Real Parisians

15 Things to do in Paris
Photo by Artem Gavrysh on Unsplash 

When you say Paris, you can't go without shopping. But nowadays, crowded streets and big stores are not preferred for it. To find brands such as Kitsune, Sessun, Papier Tigre, and Officine Générale that combine design and craft, one goes to neighborhoods such as the Northern Marais. Stores like La Trésorerie, Jamini, Atelier Couronnes, Les Halles, L'Exception... These are just some of the places where you can buy collections of the best designers you can't find anywhere else.

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