Most Useful Languages for World Travel

29 Apr 2022

Learn a language and travel the world. But which language? The most valuable language to learn is differentiating between continents if you want to explore the world. Learning a foreign language has always been fun and exciting. 

Whether you're learning languages ​​for work or travelling, knowing different languages ​​is cool! It is difficult for those with a wandering spirit, who love to travel and discover new places, to travel alone in their language.

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Although learning a language entirely is a complex and time-consuming process, it wouldn't be wrong to know a few things about the local language of your destination country! For example, you have to make regular business trips to China. 

  • You have English, but knowing at least a few words of Chinese will always come in handy.

Other than that, if you're a traveller, you have a lot of reasons to learn languages ​​from other countries. Do you wonder what languages ​​are the most spoken globally and most beneficial for world travel? 

  • You will be shocked when you read this content.

Because even English is the lingua franca which means the language adopted as the standard language for different language speakers globally, the most widely spoken language in the world is not English. 

Keep reading to find out. We have listed the five languages to travel 90% of the world and, in total, the ten most used languages in the world.

Best Languages ​​to Learn to Travel Europe

As everyone knows, the most valuable languages for travelling to Europe are German and English, both Indo European languages. 

Most Useful Languages for World Travel

✓  As a result of the research, English has been determined as the second most used language in 55 countries

✓  However, considering the total number of speakers, German is considered the most widely spoken language in the European continent.

Especially foreigners who go to Europe for travel or educational purposes must know German language or English, the most common second language in Europe.

✓  The most straightforward language to learn in Europe is English. 

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✓  Knowing a few English words or German, you can easily travel and communicate in a European travel destination.

  • For example, You are travelling to Italy, but you do not have Italian. Instead, you will travel with your knowledge of English. Yes, knowing English can make your days in Italy easier.

Best Languages ​​to Learn to Travel Asia  

There are several languages ​​you need to learn to improve the quality of your travel in Asia.

Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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Don't worry; you don't have to know them all simultaneously. 

However, it will be beneficial for you to speak at least one of Asia's most widely spoken languages.

Did you know that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world? 

Today, more than 1 billion people speak Chinese in Asia. 

If you are constantly working in one of the countries on this continent, learning Chinese will increase your comfort.

P.S. Mandarin Chinese is the most difficult language to learn, spoken in Asia. It belongs to the Sino-Tibetan (Chinese) language family. However, even the speakers of Asian languages, including Chinese, say that they find it challenging to learn this language.

The second-best language to learn to travel in Asia is Hindi. 

Currently, the number of native speakers of Hindi in the Asian region is more than half a million people. Knowing Chinese or Hindi will make your job easier if you think of going to Asia shortly. 

Writing systems are different and challenging in Asian languages, but at least you can learn pronunciation and daily words and sentences to make your travel easier.

The Top 10 Languages ​​for World Travel 

Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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Which language is the most useful for world travel? Many of you will answer this in English if you start reading from here. It is not entirely wrong, just incomplete information. Yes, English is now a universal language, but other languages ​​ have been added to it now.

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  • Chinese, English and German languages ​​are among the most used languages ​​that people who go abroad for business trips should know.
  • What about other languages? So what are the most useful languages ​​for world travel? Let's examine it together!


English is one of the best languages to learn for the tourism industry. There are more than 360 million native speakers whose mother tongue is English. 

Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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The importance of speaking English has become even more popular in the last century with the developing technology. 

Therefore, this language is the language that will be most useful to converse with native English speakers and people from other nations in your world travel. 

Especially in countries with political and economic links with the United States and Canada, the number of English speakers is exceptionally high.

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Spanish, a member of Romance Languages, is not just in Spain; It is also the most used language in South American countries. Spanish, a Latin American language, is also spoken frequently in some states of North and Central America. 

To learn Spanish, both fun and sound, you can memorize stereotypes that will help you shortly before your trip and improve your language by practising with Spanish speakers during your vacation.


Most Useful Languages for World Travel

The most spoken language in Asia and the world, Chinese, is spoken by more than 1 billion people

As an international language with rising global dynamics, Chinese has an entirely different and complex alphabet consisting of symbols. 

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and Singapore have large Chinese-speaking populations.


As a world language, Japanese is spoken by more than 125 million people worldwide and is one of the best languages to learn for business

However, Japan is the only place where travellers who travel the world and speak Japanese can speak the language. Also, if you are curious; What to do in Japan for 1 week?


Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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The official language of 59 countries, Arabic is a valuable language for travellers to the Middle East and Africa regions. 

Arabic, which has a problematic alphabet, is challenging, especially for English speakers. 

However, if you plan to visit one of the 59 countries mentioned, maybe not Egyptian Arabic specifically, it is helpful to learn a few standard Arabic phrases to understand the local people.


Portuguese, another Romance Language, is a language reserved as Brazilian Portuguese. 

It is the official language of Brazil and Portugal and is spoken by more than 200 million people. 

So with the booming Brazilian economy, Portuguese will soon become an international language. 

However, it is also one of the widely spoken languages in some African countries.

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It may sound exciting, but the language with the most content on the Internet is Russian. 

Most Useful Languages for World Travel

Russian is described as a critical language by America; It is also spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Romania, Norway and Uzbekistan; mainly in Eastern Europe

Therefore, it is among the most needed languages ​​in world travel. A functional language for travellers, Russian is a Slavic language spoken by 166 million people, including those speaking a minority language in the regions above.


The second most learned language globally, French, is popularly learned, especially in Europe. 

French, widely used in West Africa, has a short but exciting story: Before English became popular and became a common language (lingua franca), French was the official language of world travellers.


Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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German, also the official language of Austria and Liechtenstein, is an easy-to-learn language that reads almost as written. 

German, which is among the most critical languages ​​for travel, is extremely useful for foreigners travelling to Central and Western Europe.

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India is a famous land of travellers, with a big backpacker and endless exciting destinations. Hindu, the primary official language of India, has the second-largest English speaker population globally. However, Urdu is also a widely used language in India.

Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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Why Should You Learn A Language For Travel?

Travelling to a foreign country you don't know is as tricky as fun. The only way to travel comfortably in a place where you do not know the culture, tradition, food and laws is to know the language of that country. 

You can live easily wherever you can talk and express yourself comfortably. Therefore, learning a language to travel is inevitable.

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How To Learn A New Language For Travel?

Most Useful Languages for World Travel
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You can start with small steps. You don't have to know a language ideally to travel. However, it is helpful to learn certain stereotypes and put them into practice. For example, you will travel to Germany for two weeks. You can use free online applications for this. 

  • Even if you learn 20 phrases, it will be great for you.
  • For example, you can learn how to place an order, ask about the train station, pay the bill, say sorry, and learn words we often need, such as numbers.

Also, if you have some foundation, you can brush up on your knowledge by taking a few hours of private lessons. There are hundreds of channels on Youtube where you can learn almost all languages. 

What Language Is Best For World Travel?

We have shared the most valuable languages ​​above for those who will travel abroad. 

To summarize, While English and German were chosen as the best languages ​​for the European continent, The best languages ​​to travel to the Asian continent would be Chinese and Hindi

The main reason these languages ​​are so popular is the global place of their countries in technology and economy.

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