How to Get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center?

22 Aug 2022

To get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center, which is the place where all the highlights are, you can choose from lots of different transportation options. 

If you have questions in your mind such as “How to get to Milan city center from Bergamo Airport?”, “How much is a taxi from Bergamo Airport to Milan city center?”, “How do I get from Bergamo to Milan Central Station?” or “Is Uber available in Bergamo?” you will find the necessary answers below. 


When you think of ways to get from the airport to the city, you should consider lots of details to make the best decision. 

1- You can take the bus from Orio al Serio Airport at the bus stop with a bus ticket to arrive at Milano central. 

2- There is also the railway station, Bergamo train station, airport taxi, private airport transfer, you can also rent a car from car rental, or you can use the Orio shuttle

3- If you want to travel comfortably and safely, you can also try the private airport transfer option at Milan Bergamo Airport.

You may also want to know how to get from Bergamo Airport to Milan at night, Bergamo airport to Bergamo center, the details related to getting from Milano Centrale to Bergamo Airport bus hourly, how to get from Bergamo Airport to Lake Como, Milan Malpensa to the city center, or Milan Bergamo Airport code. 

After all, various details need to be acknowledged and considered when choosing a transportation option to get to the center of Milan from Milan Bergamo Airport.

You Can Take the Bus at Milan Bergamo

One of the most common options for arriving at Milan City Center from Milan Bergamo Airport is taking the bus. 

If you decide to take the bus, you will need to buy a ticket and consider the possible waiting time since it is public transportation.

You will wait at the bus stop. 

The trip will last approximately 50 minutes or 1 hour. 

Another bus option is taking the bus and then using the subway. 

This trip will last a little longer than an hour and cost around $8 - $11

Even though the price is relatively low, you should consider that you will be tired from your plane trip and will already be stressed from the airport experience. 

After all this, you will need to wait for the bus to arrive and it will be crowded, too. 

These details should be kept in mind because you may want to put your comfort first.

How to Get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center?

Private Airport Transfer – A Modern Solution to Our Modern Day Airport Anxiety

One of the best transport options for arriving at Milan City Center from Milan Bergamo Airport is choosing a private airport transfer.

Private airport transfer can offer you a lot. 

It solves our modern-day airport anxiety because the services they cover are individualized. 

If you choose private airport transfer from, your safety, comfort, and time will be considered. 

The cars are regulated by COVID-19 precautions, too. 

You will not need to wait for your ride to arrive after the tiring plane trip; your ride will be waiting in front of the airport if you visit and book online in advance. 

You can visit the website and check for the prices and all the necessary details. 

Make sure you consider your priorities before you make a decision. 

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How to Get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center?

You Can Use Taxi Services at Milan Bergamo Airport

Another popular option you can choose from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center is using the taxi services. 

Usually, if the day is not extremely busy, many taxi cars are waiting in front of the airport. 

If the day is hectic, you may need to wait for available taxi cars to arrive. 

If you use a taxi, the trip from Milan Orio al Serio Airport to Milan City Center will last around 30 or 40 minutes

This can change the traffic at that time, of course. 

If you decide on using taxi services to arrive at the city center once you reach the airport, you should expect to pay around $85 - $110

Considering your privacy and comfort is a good choice, but the price may be a little too much.

You Can Rent a Car and Drive Yourself from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center

Renting a car at a car rental to drive yourself from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center is always a choice. 

If you drive yourself, you should consider the gas money, which will not be a lot and the rental money. 

The trip will last between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the traffic situation at the time of the trip. 

What is more important, though, will you be able to take the drive? 

We all know that airports are stressful because we must consider many things. 

How to Get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center?

You Can Take the Shuttle

Taking the shuttle is among the options to arrive at Milan City Center from Milan Bergamo Airport

If you use the shuttle, your trip will last around 50 minutes, which is less time than what a bus ride can offer you. 

The shuttle tickets will cost approximately $10 - $40

The prices will vary at Orio al Serio Airport. 

You can keep the shuttle among your options if you want to pay less than a taxi price but want the trip to be shorter than a trip with a bus.

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