How to Make the EVA Air Early Check-In?

05 Aug 2022

This blog explains how to make the EVA Air Early check-in to readers. Check-in is a trendy term among every airline company in the world. It simply refers to a mandatory process before the flight, whether it is an international flight or a domestic one. 

There are numerous ways to complete your check-in processes, such as at the airport before departure or online check-in. Like the other airline companies, EVA Air requires check-in before each flight they offer. 

Here is the main guideline on how to make check-in on time. Hopefully, you find it useful before your travel! 馃槉

How to Make the EVA Air Early Check-In?

The Advantages of Check-in in Person at the Airport

1. Firstly, knowing how to make the EVA Air Early check-in is a time saver. 

2. However, check-in at the airport has numerous benefits, especially at the EVA Air flight counter. 

3. If you have more extra luggage than you could carry in the plane, you should contact EVA Air for check-in baggage. 

4. It would not matter if you checked in online before if you have extra luggage. 

5. It would help if you came at least an hour before the departure time.

6. You should come by the EVA Air lax check-in counter if you need a printed boarding pass. 

7. A printed boarding pass might be handy, especially if you need to show some travel documents when you have no Wi-Fi or mobile data.

8. The third upside of check-in at the airport counter goes to the reader who did not select their seat when booking EVA Air. 

9. If you go to a service kiosk or check-in online, the chances of finding support about the seats are pretty low. 

10. However, if you choose the counter, you can get EVA-preferred seats by quickly explaining your needs and preferences to the staff.

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The Important Points: Planning to Check in at the Airport

There are several essential points to bear in mind before diving into how to make the EVA Air Early check-in. 

馃棐 We always suggest you arrive at the airport around 3 hours before departure, since it might be crowded. Therefore, check-in could take longer than you expected.

馃棐 Another significant point is your timing. Every airport and airline company has a scheduled departure time, which is extremely strict. Therefore, you should not wait for any exception if you are late. 

馃棐 For instance, you should complete your check-in process 60 minutes before the flight, whether with a service kiosk or EVA Air check-in counter.

How to Make the EVA Air Early Check-In?

How About Check-in Online?

If you do not have extra luggage in terms of something that you cannot bring to the passenger seats, or perhaps do not need a printed boarding pass, you can complete your check-in online and directly go to the gates to your plane.

So it is such a perfect opportunity to save your time! Moreover, if you check in early, you could have a right to the EVA Air seat collection, which is pretty convenient.

The website will allow you to check in between 48 and 90 minutes before the departure time. Like check-in in person, you should not exceed the last 90 minutes before the departure time to check-in. 

On the other hand, you can choose EVA Air鈥檚 mobile app as well. If you face issues while completing the process on the website or the app, please get in touch with customer service 90 minutes before the departure of your flight. 

Moreover, the app is available for EVA Air and Uni Air.




How do you complete your check-in at the airport?

Check-in kiosks are very user-friendly devices with numerous language options. However, if you find them a little bit complicated to use, you can find a staff of EVA Air customer service and can get help as well.

When can you complete your check-in as soon as possible?

If you wonder about the answer to the question, Can I check in early online? It depends where you check-in. For instance, you can check in on the official app and website from 48 hours to 90 minutes before the flight.

How about the other alternative鈥檚 deadlines?

If you want to know the answer, how do I check in 24 hours before my flight? There are numerous ways to do that. While the soonest options are the website and the app, you can check the EVA Air counter when you arrive at the airport, although the soonest time varies from one airport to another.

When can you deliver your luggage?

While you come to the EVA Air counter for your check-in, you can also deliver your extra luggage. In case you wonder to know, can I check my luggage earlier? You can hand over your luggage at least an hour before departure. However, the earliest time may differ at different airports.

Under which conditions, you cannot use online check-in?

Even though it is essential to know how to make the EVA Air Early check-in, it is also important to know when you cannot use online check-in. If you are under one of those conditions;

  • If your flight is one of the charter flights
  • If you declared that you would need medical or special assistance during the flight
  • If you book seats for more than 10 passengers on a single booking

However, if you are not in the conditions above, you are eligible for online check-in; by doing so, your booking reference should be enough. Moreover, can I get my boarding pass early if you want to know? It is possible to obtain it after your online check-in. Therefore, you can get your boarding pass from 48 hours to 90 minutes. You can start your check-in process by clicking on EVA air manage booking. 
One more tip; if you would like to reserve a seat, you can obtain an EVA Air record locator number; by doing so, your reserved seat will be held for you for a limited time! 馃槉 

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