How to Get from JFK to the Bronx?

24 May 2023

Private transfers and public transportation are available from JFK to the Bronx. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the major airports serving the New York City area. Located in the borough of Queens, JFK is one of the busiest airports in the United States and is named after the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. JFK is approximately 15 miles (24 kilometres) southeast of Manhattan in Jamaica, Queens, New York City.

The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It is located in the northern part of the city and is the only borough primarily located on the mainland. The Bronx is situated just north of Manhattan and is bordered by the Hudson River to the west and the Bronx River to the east. It shares land boundaries with Westchester County to the north and Queens to the east across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. You can evaluate the options and pick the best transfer from JFK Airport to Bronx

Travelling from JFK to the Bronx

The distance from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to the Bronx can vary depending on the specific locations within the Bronx. However, as a general estimate, the distance from JFK Airport to the centre of the Bronx is approximately 16 miles (26 kilometres). Remember that this is an approximate distance; travel times may vary depending on traffic conditions and the specific starting and ending points within the Bronx.

There are several transportation options to travel from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to the Bronx. Here are some standard methods.

Airport Shuttles from JFK 

Different shuttle services operate between JFK Airport and the Bronx. These shuttles typically offer shared rides; you may need to make a reservation in advance. Check with the shuttle service providers for schedules and fares.

Taxi from JFK to the Bronx

A taxi from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to the Bronx is convenient and straightforward. Here's how you can get a taxi:

Taxi Stands: Following JFK Airport, follow the signs to the ground transportation area. Look for the designated taxi stands, typically located outside each terminal.

Taxi Dispatchers: At the taxi stands, you will find dispatchers to help you get a taxi. Inform them that you need a taxi to the Bronx, and they will guide you to the next available taxi.

Yellow Taxis: In New York City, taxis are commonly identified by their yellow colour. You'll see a fleet of yellow taxis waiting at the taxi stands. The taxis have meters that calculate the fare based on time and distance.

Provide Destination: Once you're in a taxi, let the driver know your destination in the Bronx. It's helpful to provide the nearest intersection, address, or the name of a well-known landmark to ensure accurate navigation.

Taxi Fare: Taxis in New York City have a standard fare structure. The fare will include a base charge plus additional charges based on time and distance travelled. There may be surcharges for tolls and peak hours. The meter will display the total fare, and it's customary to tip the driver.

Travel Time: The travel time from JFK to the Bronx will depend on your destination and traffic conditions. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the distance and congestion.

It's important to note that taxi fares are subject to change, and it's always a good idea to confirm the fare with the driver or check the official Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) website for the most up-to-date information.

Other Public Transportation Methods from JFK to the Bronx

AirTrain JFK + Subway: The AirTrain JFK is a monorail system that connects JFK Airport to the New York City subway system. Take the AirTrain JFK from the airport to Jamaica Station, then transfer to the subway. You can take the E or J train to the Bronx, depending on your destination.

AirTrain JFK + Bus: You can also take the AirTrain JFK to Jamaica Station and transfer to the Q3 or Q6 bus, which provides service to various parts of the Bronx. Consult the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) website or app for specific bus routes and schedules.

Car Rental: If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car from a car rental company at JFK Airport. Follow the signs to the rental car centre, where you can pick up your vehicle. You can take the Van Wyck Expressway and other highways to reach the Bronx.

It's always a good idea to check the latest information and consider factors such as traffic conditions, cost, and convenience when choosing your transportation option from JFK Airport to the Bronx.

How to Get from JFK to the Bronx?

Private Transfers from JFK to the Bronx

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How to Get from JFK to the Bronx?

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