Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

30 Mar 2022

Let one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea sweep your feet off the ground. We have prepared a list of beautiful Islands. From Greek Islands or Italian islands to the biggest islands and smaller ones, this list will take you on a stroll on the map of the Mediterranean island. For a holiday filled with crystal clear waters and beautiful coves, this list is perfect for you. 

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What are the 5 Major Mediterranean Islands?

Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, and Crete are the first five largest Mediterranean islands. These islands are also five of the top 10 Mediterranean islands. In addition to these, you can find several additions to the best Mediterranean islands.

1- Sicily, Italy

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

Sicily is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Valle dei Templi, Pantalica's Necropolis, Mount Etna, and Palermo. Sicily has a Mediterranean climate and fertile soil because of volcanic eruptions, which explains its fame for lemons, olives, artichokes, and wine. Since Etna's hills produce exceptional wines, wine tasting is a must-do thing on this largest island. In addition to being one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, it is one of five self-governing regions of Italy. The island is filled with magnificent Greco-Roman antiquities, the most spectacular of which is perhaps the superb Greek Theatre at Taormina. There is also a Greek theater in Syracuse, as well as a 7th-century church erected on the ruins of the Temple of Minerva.

✈️   The main airport of the island is Catania-Fontanarossa Airport.

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2- Sardinia, Italy

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations
Photo by Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash

Sardinia is located off the western coast of Italy and is the second biggest island amongst islands in the Mediterranean. It is also one of the autonomous Italian islands. As you go into the shoreline, there are white beaches and blue waters. Despite being a part of Italy yet appears to be different, with its wines, cheeses, and pasta. You can visit the Nora archaeological site in Cagliari to see Roman temples and aqueducts or go back in time to the city's splendid Baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria. There is also much to do for outdoor enthusiasts, from trekking on Mount Arcosu to swimming, kayaking, and kiteboarding off the infinite stretch of Poetto Beach.

✈️   The main airport of the island is Cagliari Elmas Airport.

3- Cyprus

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

Cyprus is on the sea's eastern coast, south of Turkey and north of Egypt, and the third among the biggest islands in the Mediterranean. Human activity here stretches back to the tenth millennium BCE, to the Neolithic village of Khirokitia. The island is home to mythology, mountains, and ancient castles. Cyprus is renowned for its hospitality and cuisine. Paphos, a bustling resort, is defended by a little medieval castle. Outside Paphos, the Tombs of the Kings is an astoundingly well-preserved Hellenistic and Roman site with stunningly beautiful mosaics. The Troodos Mountains' foothills, which reach across the island's middle, are filled with peaceful wine-growing communities. Also, the mountains make Cyprus one of the best Mediterranean islands for hiking.

✈️    The main airport of the island is Larnaca International Airport.

4- Corsica, France

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

Corsica is located between the French and Italian mainlands, north of Sardinia, and is one of the big islands in the Mediterranean. The island is stunning, wild, and rough, with mountains at its center and a breathtaking coastline. After a long day of exploration, you can relax with a calming sunset on one of the island's numerous golden beaches. Napoleon was born in Corsica, and his ancestral family house is still standing in the city, of Ajaccio. Also, you can take a boat trip to the Iles Sanguinaires, the Bay of Ajaccio's "blood islands." They are so named due to the red granite that creates the archipelago, and they are well-known for their birds and crystal-clear water

✈️    The main airport of the island is Ajaccio Airport.

5- Crete, Greece

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations
Photo by Lazaros Mergoupis on Unsplash

Crete is again one of the big islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the fifth one, and the largest Greek island. It is located 160 kilometers south of Greece and southwest of Turkey. Crete's landscape is diverse, ranging from sandy beaches to steep hills. If you visit Crete, you should not miss Chania, the western region's capital. This was a significant Minoan metropolis, as well as a later Classical city-state. While the center is Neolithic, most of the current building is Venetian. Knossos, the Palace of King Minos, is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece and should not be missed on a Crete trip. Additionally, Crete has some of the greatest hiking trails in Greece, including Samaria Gorge and Richtis Gorge.

✈️   The main airport of the island is Heraklion International Airport.

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6- Lefkada, Greece

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations
Photo by Nikos Zacharoulis on Unsplash

Thousands of windsurfers, kite surfers, and sailors choose this island due to having its large bays and continuous high winds among islands in the Mediterranean. The most famous places are Vassiliki on the southwest coast and Nydri on the east. The west coast is filled with stunning beaches lined by towering white cliffs typical of the Ionian. Relax and soak up the sun on one of the beautiful blue-water beaches on the island. Take in magnificent red wine and the richness of Greek cuisine and pastries.

✈️    The main airport of the island is Aktion/Preveza Airport.

7- Formentera, Spain

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

While warm white sands will welcome you, stare into the transparent ocean that surrounds Formentera. Some parts of Migjorn beach, which arches around the island's southern tip, can get very crowded in the summer, but there is always a peaceful area to go to. Bring your snorkel and mask to Ses Platgetes, a network of little coves sheltered by trees and lined with boat shacks and restaurants serving the finest fish.

✈️    The closest airport to the island is Ibiza Airport.

8- Rhodes, Greece

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations
Photo by Sipan Hamed on Unsplash

Rhodes, placed against the Turkish shore, was formerly regarded as the Aegean's gateway, its numerous natural ports an ideal stopping place on old trade routes. Today, the island is packed with interesting history, from 4th-century BC architectural monuments like the Acropolis at Lindos to natural features such as the protected lagoon of St Paul's Bay. Aside from being one of the tropical islands in the Mediterranean. Thousands of beautifully colorful butterflies fly over the appropriately called Valley of the Butterflies on the western side of the island. The true attraction of the fortified harbor is the marble Street of the Knights. The boulevard is full of magnificent palaces. 

✈️    The main airport of the island is Rhodes Airport.

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9- Malta

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

Malta is one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea which is a republic. It is the tenth smallest country in the world. Its central location in the Mediterranean has long conferred upon its enormous strategic significance as a naval base, first by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, then by the Romans, Greeks, Normans, and last by the British. Malta attracts tourists due to its richness of megalithic temples, which are among the world's oldest free-standing monuments, the cultural attractions in the capital city of Valletta and its rich history, and the Mediterranean climate. 

✈️   The main airport of the island is Malta International Airport.

10- Santorini, Greece

Islands in the Mediterranean - Top 10 Destinations

Perhaps the most well-known and popular island of the Mediterranean is Santorini... This destination truly has a fascinating aura in every way. Santorini, which has become iconic with its white houses, will be a perfect holiday choice for tourists who enjoy taking pictures with its blue roofs. You may know that one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions in history took place in Santorini. It is even known as the Minoan Explosion. Legend has it that this eruption is connected with the collapse of the Minoan Empire. Santorini is one of the best holiday islands in the Mediterranean, especially famous for its jet ski activities, where you can have a wonderful holiday in its clear blue waters, delicious food and fun nightlife.

✈️  Nearest airport: Santorini International Airport 

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