How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

14 Jun 2022

Historical Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its beautiful architecture and deep-rooted culture, making it the ideal destination for history buffs keen to explore ancient monuments like Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

If you ask, "How much time should I spend in Prague?", The answer is many times. But spending 24 hours in Prague is an inexhaustible treasure that awaits your gaze.


If you ask, "Is 1 day enough in Prague?" or "How much do you spend a day in Prague?" combining cosmopolitan charm and cultural richness, this city will seduce you. Discover the best of the city with our 24 hours in Prague guide and the answer "How can you see Prague in one day?".

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In Prague, if you plan to make many visits, you should take a pass for the museums, this one is valid for 4 days and opens the doors to the main attractions. The card does not include public transportation in the Prague itinerary, 790 Kc.

🌅 A spectacular sunrise

Get up at 8 a.m. in Prague and watch the magnificent sunrise. Rise at dawn to stroll along the famous Charles Bridge.

You will be able to contemplate – avoiding the crowds – the sunrise above this monument built 600 years ago, which overlooks the Vltava River.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

Take a few moments to admire the Old Town Bridge Tower Gothic style. Immediately on the left, you will see all of the historic buildings of the Clementinum.

Visit the library, and you'll feel like a magician in the halls of Hogwarts. Climb to the top of the astronomical clock Tower to enjoy the best view of Prague.

☕ Coffee break

At 10 a.m., travel to the west side of the Vltava River tava to the hilltop district of Letná. Stop at The Farm Urban Kitchen and Coffee for a morning coffee and breakfast.

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The sleek, chic, yet extremely friendly cafe is an eco-friendly business decorated with salvaged furniture and also operates a dog-friendly policy while serving some of the best breakfasts and brunches in the capital; their pancakes are very popular.

🌳 Discover the hill of Petřínské Sadi

At 11 a.m., Take the tram from Korunovacní to Ujezd, where the funicular will take you to the top of Petrin Hill, to the top of one of Prague's most picturesque parks, the Petřínské Sady.

The beautiful, verdant expanse of woods, once one of King Charles' vineyards, is home to the 208.3-foot (63.5 m) Petřín Tower, which offers impressive panoramic views of exploring Prague from the bridge.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

For those suffering from vertigo, the ground floor of the park below the tower offers plenty of entertainment, including a pretty rose garden (obviously the most beautiful in flower season) and Bludišté, a magnificent labyrinthine mirror hall built-in 1891.

Prague Castle is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and one of the country's most notable cultural monuments.

With part of Prague, the castle dating back to 870, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see for all history buffs visiting Prague.

Visit Malá Strana and John Lennon Wall

After walking through the castle grounds at midnight, descend to Malá Strana.

Roughly translated as "Less Town", it is one of the most picturesque districts of Prague and is characterized by its beautiful baroque architecture and small cobbled side streets.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

If you need a snack, head to the patisserie in Cukrkávalimonáda for a fresh loaf of bread, a slice of cherry cake or a light and fluffy meringue kiss.

From here, you follow the path to Kampa Island, one of the best views in town. 

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Along the way, you will come across the famous John Lennon Wall, a mural painted by young Czechs as a tribute to the singer after his assassination.

🕍 Lose yourself in Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague

At 1 p.m., if you follow the river along the Malá Strana shore, you will come to the Mánes Bridge, which you will need to cross to begin your tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter, known as Josefov.

This district was formed in the Middle Ages after the arrival of the Jewish community in Prague in the 10th century.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?
Photo by Rodrigo Ardilha on Unsplash

The oldest synagogue dates from 1270 and is one of the synagogues that can still be visited. 

For several centuries, this district was, in reality, a ghetto from which they could hardly leave because it was not until the 19th century that the rights of the Jews were recognized. 

They were allowed to reside in any other neighbourhood.


🏰 Castle tour

At 3:00 p.m., it would be unthinkable to visit Prague without taking a tour of Prague Castle, the largest complex of castles in the world.

Its area is 70,000 square meters; you will not be able to see everything. By late afternoon, most tour groups will have left or are about to leave.

Take time to admire St. Vitus Cathedral. Inside the complex, you will find a multitude of the church of our lady, palaces and museums.

Hidden inside the castle, the crown jewels of Bohemia are only displayed for special occasions.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

🏛️ Visit museum

At 4 p.m., for a few final destinations on a sightseeing tour of Prague, visit the Old National Museum, a vast and magnificent building that overlooks Wenceslas Square, Prague's main thoroughfare.

The museum was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria von Sternberg. 

The collection has grown so extensive that they have recently expanded into a new building which once served as the Prague Stock Exchange and later as a radio station.

🖼️ Art tour

At 5 p.m., After lunch and so much outdoor sightseeing, it's a good idea to head to one of Prague's many contemporary art galleries.

In the Holešovice district is the cutting-edge alternative art centre DOX Center for Contemporary Art, which has become a top destination for art lovers visiting Prague in six years.

Alternatively, head to Žižkov to visit the Hunt Kastner Gallery, which showcases almost exclusively talented artists from the Czech Republic.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

After admiring thought-provoking contemporary artwork, head to U Slovanské Lipy, a popular pub in Žižkov that serves a variety of Czech beers from local and national breweries and traditional Czech snacks like kuřecí řizek and žavinác).

🍻 Drink Beer

At 8 p.m. Is a time to drink beer. Go down the castle steps to Malostranské Square.

You will find many majestic buildings there, including the Saint-Nicolas church. The whole town square is lined with bars, concert stages and restaurants.

The Czech Republic is the country of beer par excellence, with the highest consumption in the world! Don't leave Prague without having tasted the most popular local beers!

How to Spend 24 Hours in Prague?

🎊 Party time

At 11 p.m., you can count on the Czechs to party every day in Prague for the week! Head to one of the many underground bars or hit the nightclubs until the early hours.

You can start the evening in the comfort of Kozicka or have a cocktail at Bar and Books.

For a night out as it should be, opt for the Karlovy Lazne near the Charles Bridge: with its 5 floors, it is the largest nightclub in Central Europe.

 If you want a place to dance and relax, Chapeau Rouge will not disappoint.

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