How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

17 May 2022

Travellers can choose from multiple transportation options to arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport from Dubai Airport DXB

The road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi can be taken by RTA bus, bus services, taxi, metro station, or private airport transfer. You can also rent a car. 

All of these options have specific details and features. Their prices vary, their timetables vary, and of course, their offerings vary. You can find the necessary details related to these options below. With these details, you can compare all of your options and make sure you decide on the wisest choice. 

Have a nice trip!

How Can I Get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Airport with RTA Bus?

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

RTA Bus means Roads and Transport Authority, and it is the Government of Dubai based. 

This bus system offers transportation to multiple roads. 

Choosing the bus to get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport means a journey that will take approximately two and a half an hour. 

It can last even three hours. 

To take the bus, you need to have a nol card, a card that works as a ticket. 

You can get to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to get on a bus. 

If you choose the bus from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi, you should expect to pay almost €15. 

Especially if you have arrived at Dubai Airport from your home country only to get to Abu Dhabi, choosing the bus can be a tiring experience.

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Abu Dhabi to Dubai Airport Metro Station

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

If you choose the metro to get to Abu Dhabi Airport from Dubai Airport, you will also need to take the bus afterwards as a transfer to arrive at your final destination

This road will take almost three hours. 

And surely, the transfer from the subway to the bus can make your trip tiring. 

This whole trip will cost almost €20.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Taxi Informations

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

Another option to get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Airport, is a taxi. 

A taxi is a good option for time travel because it will take less time. 

It will take less than two hours. It will not be a cheap trip.

Travelling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai via taxi will cost around €100

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Rental Car

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

To get to Abu Dhabi Airport from Dubai Airport, you can rent a car and drive yourself. 

The prices can vary because there are many options. You can choose an affordable car, a large car, or a luxurious car. 

These features will determine the price. 

An affordable car rental can cost you €30 - €40. 

However, since you will be tired from the road, driving to your final destination may not be the best choice. 

You would not want to end up with almost 24 hours of a tiring trip before you get to see the great Al Ain, would you?

Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport Private Airport Transfer Option

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

Private airport transfer is a modern solution to the modern-day transportation problems! 

Private airport transfer offers you more benefits than all the other transportation options you can choose to get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport. offers private transfers from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport. 

You can visit the website and book online for prices and travel times. 

The distance from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport is approximately 130,72 km. 

With the cars of AT, you can make sure that you get to your final destination in the shortest period possible. 

Private cars of promise you a 100% refund! 

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

The private shuttles of are designed for your comfort, budget, safety, and precious time. 

The precautions for the COVID-19 pandemic are also taken care of. 

Private airport transfer is an individualized experience because you can choose your car. It is the most modern way of travelling. 

The price range varies from car type to car type. 

For instance, if you book online in advance, the price range is €110 - €500

You can choose your private airport transfer by your budget. 

You can compare all of your options and choose the wisest one, both in terms of price and timing. However, most importantly, your comfort and safety. When you consider these two elements, you can see that private airport transfer is the best choice possible.

Ticket Offices for United Arab Emirates Airports 

To use the bus, you need a nol card. You can apply for a nol card online. To use the metro, you will need a nol card again. 

So, if you plan to use public transportation to get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport, make sure you have your nol card. 

Other than that, you can book your private airport transfer online from! So, no need to worry!

Where to Stay in Dubai in UAE?

How to Get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport?

1. Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

📍 Distance to Dubai International Airport: 2,3 km.

Suppose you need a luxurious place to stay while you are in Dubai. While you need to be close to Dubai International Airport, Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai is a magnificent choice. You can book your room online in advance. 

The price range is €50 - €60. As an affordable but luxurious hotel, staying at Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai will offer you a lot. The rooms are designed especially for your comfort because you will need comfort and rest after your trip to Dubai from your home country. 

You can take a hot shower, rest, eat, and have fun at the minibar at Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai.

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2. Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport

📍  Distance to Dubai International Airport: 1,3 km.

Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport is an economical and affordable hotel to stay at during your trip to Dubai. It is close to the airport, and it can offer you great comfort. The price range is €30 - €40. The rooms are super comfortable and modern. 

After your plane trip, staying at Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport will give you a warm welcome!

Have a nice trip and make sure your decision is the wisest one! 

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