How to get from El Dorado International (BOG) Airport to Bogota City Center?

18 Jan 2023

El Dorado International (BOG) Airport, also called Bogota Airport, is a great international airport located in Bogota, Colombia. If you plan a trip to Colombia, Bogota, your first destination will be El Dorado International (BOG) Airport. From here, you will need to find transfer service options such as public transportation or private transfer to arrive at the city centre. 

To get from the airport to the city, you can use bus services, Bogota Airport taxi, or private airport transfer. As a traveller, it is normal for you to have stress over this planning and transfer choice process, but here, your possible questions will be answered, and you will be presented with details regarding the transfer options. This way, you can evaluate them, make the necessary comparisons, and make the wisest decision possible following your criteria. 

Continue reading to discover all possible options about how to get from El Dorado International Airport to Bogota city center.

How do I get from Bogota Airport to the City Centre?

When it comes to visiting Bogota, Colombia, you need to plan the details of your trip carefully. Your first stop is the Bogota International Airport arrival hall, and you will need to choose from a transfer option to arrive at the city centre. You can visit nice places such as La Candelaria. You can choose a taxi, Bogota Airport bus, or private airport transfer. All three of these options have different details attached to them. So, make sure you evaluate and compare them before you make your final decision regarding your transfer option.

How to get from El Dorado International (BOG) Airport to Bogota City Center?
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Is There Public Transportation in Bogota?

There is an established public transportation system available in Bogota since it is the capital city of Colombia. It mostly consists of a bus system called Transmilenio bus that consists of regular bus stops and bus stations. You use different bus lines from Monday to Saturday, and then on Sunday, you use another bus line, mainly from the big station called Portal Eldorado. To use public transportation in Bogota, you need a Tullave Card card. Public transportation is not very developed in Colombia Bogota. This may be influential in your decision-making process regarding a transfer method.

Bogota Airport to City Bus

If you want to learn about the city bus, a P500 bus line can take you to the city centre from the airport. The arrival hours of the bus vary. The hours are different from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday. So, if you plan to take the bus, you must do some extra planning. The ticket costs around $1 but does not think about only the price. Since Bogota has yet to develop a public transportation system, it may be hard to rely on it after an exhausting plane trip. It would help if you considered your options in detail before making a final decision.

Take a Taxi from Bogota Airport

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a direct yes. The reason is the fact that Colombia has high crime rates. This also affects the reliability of taxis. You have to make sure that the taxi is an official one. Bogota taxis can often stress you out. Drivers are often aggressive and may not be honest about taximeters. This situation and process only add more stress to your already stressful airport experience. So, you should consider the details, especially regarding your safety, before making a final decision on your transfer from Bogota International Airport to the city centre of Bogota, Colombia. 

How Much is a Taxi from Bogota Airport?

When you are considering your transfer options to get from Bogota International Airport to the city centre, you may wonder about the cost of a taxi from Bogota Airport to the city centre, taxi from Bogota Airport to ChapineroBogota Airport to Zona Rosa, but mostly Bogota Airport taxi cost can be your main subject of the question. Since the airport is 11 km away, the cost of a taxi will be high-cost, with an airport surcharge of $1. However, taking a taxi from Bogota Airport to the city centre in Colombia is not a safe choice. Colombia has high crime rates, so taking a taxi from the airport to the city centre may not be the safest choice. Instead, you can look for a private airport transfer car that you can trust from

How to get from El Dorado International (BOG) Airport to Bogota City Center?

El Dorado Bogota Airport Transfers for a Safe Ride

When you arrive at Bogota International Airport in Bogota, Colombia, you will need a trustworthy ride due to the country's high crime rates. Luckily, private airport transfer provides a safe and comfortable ride from Bogota International Airport to the city centre. Private airport transfer considers your concerns to meet your needs with great care.  This way, your airport stress and other concerns will be eased since the drivers will wait for you until you arrive. This will ease your mind because you will know that you will not have to wait for your ride or public transportation to arrive. 

You can visit to book your private airport transfer before your flight. There are fixed prices, and we offer a range of vehicle options to suit your needs, including SUVs, minivans, MPVs, electric cars, economy-class vehicles, sedans, luxury-class vehicles, and limousines.

Your private airport transfer car and driver will be there on time, waiting for you. You can arrange your belongings in this safe, private car. Then, you can sit back and relax throughout your comfortable journey from Bogota International Airport to the city centre of Bogota. Make sure you make the wisest choice when it comes to your choice of transfer from an airport!  Unlike taxis and buses, airport transfer is available 24 hours a day if you book your private transfer car online from AT!

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