Cities With the Worst Public Transport Systems

26 Sept 2022

Public transportation system is extremely important for a city, especially in today’s world, where the population grows faster and faster day by day. The increase in the world’s population requires faster, easier, and more convenient transportation systems. Every day, millions of people around the world use public transport to get to work or to school.

Especially in the metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, St. Louis, San Diego, and Washington D.C. in the United States; city center zones such as Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, and London in Europe; and some other crowded cities in the world, people rely on transit systems and public transit a lot more.

For instance, if you are in Istanbul, which is the most crowded city in Turkey, and if you need to get to work early, you need bus rapid transit more than anything. Today’s modern world requires speed, which is why commuter rails and rail lines, as well as the subway, have gained much more importance than before.

However, unfortunately enough, there are the worst cities to get somewhere such as the cities without public transportation, cities with the worst public transportation systems even though there are also cities with best subway systems and cities with best public transportation systems.

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Which U.S. City Has Notoriously Bad Public Transportation System?

The United States is a crowded country with many crowded and even over-populated cities full of people who are trying to catch life and keep up with their busy schedules. This situation makes public transportation a significant issue. However, some U.S. cities cannot qualify enough to please the citizens with their public transportation systems.

New York City is known as the busiest city in the U.S., and that is why the transportation system can fail sometimes. Boston, on the other hand, is seen as a notoriously bad city in the U.S. because it is really hard to get around due to the horrible traffic it has.

Cities With the Worst Public Transport Systems
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Which U.S. City Has the Best Public Transportation?

Mainly in accordance with the opinions of the citizens, New York City has the best public transportation in the U.S. because you can go around at any hour of the day. The subway works every hour of the day, so you do not need to worry about going back to your home when you are out too late or if you need to be at work or school at a very early hour. 

New York City owes this fame to the fact that it is the city with the most public transportation in the United States of America. Other than that, Vermont, as a state, is known to have easy public transportation. If you want to kind of get a view of a poll from the public, you can consider taking a look at the opinions and notes of Christof Spieler.The country is also home to some warm cities with good public transportation, such as Denver, Portland, Chicago, and San Francisco in California. You can enjoy the warm weather here with better and easier public transportation options. In addition, it has some small cities with good public transportation systems, too. These include Ithaca, Long Beach, and Chapel Hill.

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What City Has the Best Transit System?

When you consider the United States of America, the best transit system is said to be owned by Seattle. It is among the most rapid transit systems in the U.S. However, when the whole world is considered, the title can be given to Singapore. Singapore is a very crowded place, and its transit system does its best and gets the most pleasant comments from the people.

What City Has the Biggest Public Transportation?

If we consider this question from the view of the U.S., the answer is clearly New York City. It is the biggest city in the United States, and it is really crowded. The city is filled with people who are trying to get to work and students who are trying to reach their universities, libraries, and places to study or hang out with friends after class. 

All of this motion makes New York City a really shiny but also really speedy and chaotic city. That is why, naturally, New York City has the biggest public transportation in the United States of America. The subway system of the city is the largest in the whole United States. Moreover, we need to consider the question from the world’s perspective. 

When we do that, we can answer the question with the answer of Shanghai. Even though New York City wins by number, Shanghai has the biggest transit system in the world. It is pretty normal because Shanghai is a city in China, which is the most crowded country in the whole wide world.

Also, something else to consider when it comes to discussing public transportation systems in the world is the affordable cities with good public transportation. Some of these cities are Bali, Paris, Venice, and İstanbul.

You can use public transportation in these cities for really low prices and go almost literally everywhere in the city. Another interesting city can be Izmir in Turkey. Izmir has a very affordable and accessible public transportation system that is cheap and comprehensive. You can go everywhere in the city, including vacation resorts, historical sites, and work areas, using public transportation for really low prices.

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Cities With the Worst Public Transport Systems
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Cities With Worst Public Transportation in the World

When the classification of bad public transportation is made, several details are considered. These details include safety, comfort, speed, prices, and accessibility. Some of the cities have unsafe roads for public transportation. Some of them do not have enough public transportation. Some of them have it, but they are not regulated or not inspected, so they fail most of the time and make people miserable.

Here is the list;

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