How to Get from Cancun Airport to Zona Hotelera?

23 May 2022

Various transport options are available for you to get from Cancun International Airport to Hotel Zone Distance, Zona Hotelera, which stands for a zone filled with options of the hotel in Cancun. 

Transportation options include bus service, private transfer, airport taxis, and regular taxi. 

  • If you wonder about the cheapest way to get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone or how to get to the Zone Hotelera from Cancun Airport, you will find your answers below.
  • You can find a bus from Cancun Airport, a taxi from Cancun Airport to the hotel zone, and a private airport transfer, which is highly recommended.
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If you have questions in your mind, such as “How much is a shuttle from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen?”, “Is Uber available at Cancun Airport?”, “How much is a taxi from Cancun to the Hotel Zone?” or “Is there a public bus from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?” all of these questions will be answered! 

You will want to see Isla Mujeres, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen Cancun, and downtown Cancun. But the way to all of these experiences starts with finding your transport from the airport to the hotel zone!

Cancun Airport Bus Service to Zona Hotelera

One of the options that are available to arrive at Zona Hotelera, which is a hotel zone from Cancun International Airport, is using the bus. 

Your trip to Zona Hotelera will last approximately one and a half hours. 

This trip will cost you around $3 - $10

How to Get from Cancun Airport to Zona Hotelera?
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Even though the cost is low, using the bus may not be the most comfortable choice since you will already be tired from your plane trip. 

ADO Bus station can offer you some help here. It is a bus terminal. 

So, when you arrive, look for the ADO bus at Cancun Airport

You will need a ticket to get on the bus, and you will need to wait for the bus to arrive and move. 

Keep these details in mind if you want to make the wisest choice possible.

Private Airport Transfer with %100 Refund

How to get from Cancun Airport to Zona Hotelera? When you arrive at the airport of your destination from your home country, the first thing you need to consider is what kind of transportation you can choose to arrive at your destination. Because that is how your trip starts, for this matter, a private airport transfer is super important. Private Cancun Airport shuttle offers you a lot more than other transport options. Private airport transfer is a more modern approach to solving your problems related to transportation from an airport to your final destination. 

You can pre-book a car from AT beforehand at Cancun Airport Cun to prepare for your beautiful trip. You can choose what kind of car you want from by your comfort needs and budget. Many different car options are available for you to choose from. You can book a private taxi from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone.

How to Get from Cancun Airport to Zona Hotelera?
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The prices vary by your car preferences. also offers you a 100% refund. The cars and the service are designed for your safety and comfort and your budget. The cars are super comfortable and safe, they are supervised, and they are also prepared for individuals. COVID-19 precautions regulate the cars. 

You will arrive at the airport tired from your plane trip, and a private transfer is there to make sure you do not get even more tired on your way to starting your planned trip. Your trip with a private airport transfer will last approximately twenty minutes. 

The price range is $30 (Sedan - 3 person) - $2,114 ( Lincoln Navigator - 6 person), and it varies by car of choice. 

When all of these details are considered, it can be seen that private airport transfer is a modern approach because it offers an individualized experience for you to enjoy. Do not forget that your safety and comfort come first! 

Other Option:Take a Taxi

Uber is also available at the airports, but there are also taxis. Using a taxi to arrive at your destination, which is Zona Hotelera at this point, can be one of your options. 

How to Get from Cancun Airport to Zona Hotelera?
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There are many taxis in front of the airport, but you may need to wait for a taxi to arrive if it is a busy day or a busy time. 

The price range will be $50 - $70

Your trip to Zona Hotelera from Cancun Airport with a taxi will last twenty or thirty minutes, which is faster than the bus.

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Rental Car to Zona Hotelera

You can always rent a car and drive yourself to your choice of destination. 

Again, it will last twenty or 30 minutes for you to drive if the traffic is regular. 

It will cost approximately $30 to rent a car only to get to the hotel zone. 

You will probably be too tired to drive yourself because you will be exhausted from your plane trip and the airport. 

So, this may not be the best choice if you do not want to start your vacation tired.

Where to Stay in Cancun?

Here are two of the hotels you can stay at during your trip. They are for different budgets and different needs. Make sure you look at these places if you are considering booking a room from a hotel.Courtyard by Marriott Cancun Airport

Distance to Cancun International Airport: 2,6 km.

Courtyard by Marriott Cancun Airport is a wonderful place to stay. It is a three-star hotel with luxurious options. It has the service of an airport shuttle. It has an outdoor pool, free wifi, free breakfast, and comfortable rooms. You can stay at this place comfortably, knowing that you are close to the airport and will not be late for your flight. 

The price range is $100 - $200.

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Comfort Inn Near Cancun International Airport

Distance to Cancun International Airport: 2,5 km.

Comfort Inn Near Cancun International Airport is another great option if you consider a place to stay near the airport. It is 2,5 km away from the airport, which is close. If you do not want to be worried during your trip, this is a comfortable place. They offer free wifi, free breakfast, and a parking lot. Keep this place in mind! 

The price range is $74 - $107.

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