How to get from Brussels (BRU) Airport to Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) Airport?

20 Jan 2023

Brussels Airport BRU or Zaventem Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport CRL are the two biggest airports in Belgium. If you plan a trip to Belgium, especially Brussels City, these airports are most likely to be your first destinations because these two airports handle most flights from Brussels to Brussels. Of course, some main questions will come to your mind related to how to get from Charleroi Airport to Brussels or from Brussels Airport to the city center. 

The city center has many magnificent parts that you can explore and enjoy. Belgium is an English-speaking country, so if you know English, you will enjoy it even more. To get from Brussels Charleroi Airport to the city centre or Brussels International to Charleroi Airport, you can consider private airport transfers or public transport options. Here, you will be guided through the details related to these options.

How Do I Get from Brussels Airport to Charleroi Airport?

When you start planning your trip to Belgium, the first question that will come to your mind will probably be, “How do I get from CRL to BRU Airport?”. As an answer to this question, you should know that there are multiple options. Some options are airport taxi transfer, private transfer, other taxi services, and some options with fixed prices. The first thing you should remember is that once you arrive at the arrival hall, you will not want to wait for your ride. You will need your ride to be waiting for you!

How to get from Brussels (BRU) Airport to Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) Airport?
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How Do You Get to Charleroi South Airport?

To get to Charleroi South Airport, one of the two biggest airports in Belgium, you can book a taxi. Brussels to Charleroi Airport taxi will also be high cost. If the traffic and weather conditions are not usual, you may need help finding a taxi. However, if you visit to book your private airport transfer, you will not need to wait for your ride. It will be waiting for you!

Is There a Train to Charleroi Airport?

Charleroi International Airport (CRL) does not have a specific train station. If you want to use the train as a transport method, you should know that you will need a bus transfer to the nearest train station. This process will cause you to lose time, especially after a long, tiring trip. This time gains more importance. It will last around 2 hours. If the conditions are unusual, it can last longer than 2 hours. So, Charleroi Airport to Brussels train is not necessarily a wise option.

How to get from Brussels (BRU) Airport to Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) Airport?

Brussels Airport to Charleroi Brussels South Airport Private Transfers 

When it comes to choosing a proper transfer method that can take you from one airport to another or from the airport to your final destination, the place of private airport transfer is always different. What is the reason behind this difference? It is because private airport transfer creates and embraces a significant and different perspective to approach the needs and concerns of a modern traveler that arrives at a foreign airport. What are these needs and concerns that a regular modern traveler has? 

How to get from Brussels (BRU) Airport to Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) Airport?

Firstly, you must know that your ride will be safe, especially in crowded and busy cities such as Brussels. For this matter, private airport transfer comes to your rescue with its professional drivers. Then, you need to feel comfortable after a long, exhausting trip by plane. You also endured airport anxiety caused by the whole process of baggage claim, being right on time, and other related issues. After this experience, knowing that you will be arriving at your final destination with a comfortable and private car will ease your stress.

You can reach Charleroi Brussels South Airport from Brussels Airport with a private transfer.

Most importantly, after this trip, someone other than you will be the one who is waiting for your ride to arrive and pick you up. Your ride will be already there on time, waiting for you. If you want this to happen, you should visit to book your private airport transfer beforehand. This helps you manage your anxiety about the trip because you know you will easily arrive at your final destination once your plane trip is over. 

How to get from Brussels (BRU) Airport to Charleroi Brussels South (CRL) Airport?

Planning a trip is important but knowing your standards when planning the trip and choosing your transfer method from the airport is extremely significant. Make sure you consider all of the details regarding the transfer options before you make up your mind. Your decision should align with your needs and concerns as a modern traveler! What you need to do is very simple: book your Belgium Airports transfer in just 3 simple steps on Moreover, if there is any change, use your 100% refund right. AT provides free cancellation for all Albania Airport transfers up to 48 hours.

Brussels to Charleroi Airport Taxi

One of the mainstream options for finding a transfer method that can take you from Brussels to Charleroi Airport is a taxi. You can choose a taxi as your transfer method. Your prices will be based on the taximeter and the fixed prices. Your trip from Brussels to Charleroi International Airport (CRL) will cost around $90 - $100 under normal circumstances. If you want to choose a taxi as your transfer method, keep in mind that in a busy city such as Brussels, you may not be able to find a taxi directly after you arrive at the airport. So, if the traffic is bad, you will need to wait. If the weather conditions are bad, the taxis will be extremely busy. Prepare yourself for a wait if you are willing to choose a taxi as a transfer method.

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