All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus

16 May 2022

Piraeus was once central Athens' naval port. The current city is located inside the same city, only a short distance from the Athens city center. Piraeus has two circular natural harbors on the water, each with a narrow entrance filled with modern buildings.

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About its history, Piraeus was incorporated into Athens for the first time in 515 BC. In 493 BC, Themistocles, the great naval strategist, began fortification work to encircle both cities with Long Walls. 

These fortifications, which are still visible today, provided the Athenians with unrestricted access to the sea. Piraeus has developed into one of the world's largest passenger and cargo ports over the last three millennia. 

This economic powerhouse and gateway to the Greek islands conceal more than meets the eye.

How do I get from Athens Airport to Piraeus?

There are several different public transport ways from Athens Airport to Piraeus port.

 · Taking a Taxi from Athens Airport to Piraeus

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus
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Taxi rides from Athens International Airport to Piraeus port are only 40 minutes long and cost 74-94 dollars. 

We recommend you schedule your transfer from Athens Airport to the port. 

Yellow taxis can be found in Athens Airport in a queue once you exit gate number 2 or 3 at the arrivals level

Taxi drivers will charge you according to the taximeter if you travel outside the port. 

Taxis are accessible at the Athens airport 24 hours a day.

 o   How much is a taxi from Athens Airport to Piraeus?

If you are wondering how to get from Athens Airport to Piraeus by taxi, the standard yellow taxi costs 57 dollars and 74 dollars at night during the day. However, 'luxury' black taxis can cost up to double the price of a conventional taxi.

  • Taking a taxi from Athens Airport to Piraeus is not a very common way of transportation. We suggest booking a private airport transfer for this route.

 · Taking a Ferry from Athens Airport to Piraeus

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus
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At Piraeus port, there are ten gates labeled E1 to E10, in addition to the cruise terminal, which is located further out.

If you take a ferry, you should arrive at the port one hour before the ferry is scheduled to depart. You can buy tickets from

· How do I get from Athens Airport to the ferry?

After landing at Athens International Airport, you can reach the ferry port via taxi, pre-arranged transfer, bus, Metro, or suburban railway.

·  Is there a train from Piraeus to Athens Airport?

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus

There is a direct train from Piraeus to Athens Airport. Services run on an hourly basis and are available 24 hours a day. 

The ride is around 1 hour and 3 minutes. 

Greek Railways operates rail services between Piraeus and Athens Airport. 

The train costs 10.5 dollars and tickets are sold at the station. 

You can buy tickets from the station or be. gr/en/.

· Taking Metro from Athens Airport to Piraeus

The metro station is 10 to 15 minutes away from the arrival gate. There is more than one metro line to arrive at Piraeus port from Athens Airport. 

You must transfer from the blue line to the green line. The travel will cost ten euros one-way and will take approximately 85 minutes.

 You can buy tickets from the station. One-way metro tickets from Athens Airport to Piraeus port costs 10.5 dollars Children under the age of 6 rides for free on the Metro. The average wait time is 40 minutes. 

The Metro operates daily from 6:35 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. The station's entrance is located outside of Athens Airport. To reach the main station area:

  1. Follow the signs.
  2. After purchasing your tickets, proceed down.
  3. Take the blue line to Monastiraki from the Athens Airport metro station.
  4. At Monastiraki station, switch to the green line, which will take you to Piraeus station.

·  Taking a Bus from Athens Airport to Piraeus

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus
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The X96 bus runs between Athens Airport and Piraeus port. 

This bus runs 24 hours a day and departs every 15 to 30 minutes

The ride takes 90 minutes. 

Adult tickets cost 6.5 dollars, while children or students aged between 7-18 and people over 65 pay 3 dollars. 

Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

Tips to Visit the Greek Islands

 · Private Transfer Option for Athens Airport to City Centre or Piraeus

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus
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Especially, we recommend scheduling private transportation to ensure a smooth transfer from Athens Airport to home or hotel. You can arrange your private transportation starting from minimum dollars. can arrange secure, quick, and easy transportation from your house or hotel to the airport to take advantage of this convenient option.

It has never been easier to booking a private vehicle! In a couple of minutes, you can book your transfer online with 100% refund privilege. Private transportation from the airport is the quickest and safest option, especially if you are a tourist. 

For further information on where to stay and how to use private transfer, please visit

Where to stay in Piraeus?

Budget-Friendly accommodation: Filon

Filon is in Piraeus city center, about 100 meters from Piraeus Port. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk. Piraeus's urban railway station, which connects to Athens's central business district, is within 2 km. Within a short walk of Filon, you can find restaurants, pubs, and stores. Athens City Centre is 12 kilometers away.

Tips for Booking a Good Hotel Online

Each room is minimally designed and has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, an LCD TV, and a telephone. Rooms come with a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

· Distance to Athens Airport: 40 km

· The average cost for one night: $47

Luxury accommodation: The Port Square Hotels

The Port Square Hotels is in Piraeus city center, 400 meters from Piraeus Port. The hotel features a restaurant and a bar with a view. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, room service, and tour arrangements for guests. The hotel serves a buffet breakfast each morning. There is a snack bar in the lobby.

Each room has air-conditioning, a desk, a kettle, a minibar, a safety deposit box, a flat-screen television, and a private bathroom. Also, rooms include a coffee maker. Some rooms include a balcony, while others feature city views. All rooms at The Port Square Hotels include bed linen and towels.

· Distance to Athens Airport: 40.2 km

· The average cost for one night: $232

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus
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When to visit Piraeus?

June is the busiest month in Piraeus, followed by February and July. These are the most expensive months for hotels and travel, though you can save if you book early. Most tourists do not prefer to visit Piraeus in November. Those willing to go at these times will typically discover that the month is the most affordable.

 · The spring season (March through May)

The average high temperature is 26.8°C, while the average low temperature is 15.3°C, with the later months having warmer temperatures. Rain is uncommon, with only about two to three days of significant rain prediction each month. Spring is the tourism industry's second busiest season, making it a perfect time for travelers seeking activities.

All Options for Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus

 · The summer season (June through August)

These months have exceptionally nice weather, with reasonably warm high temperatures. These months receive the least rain, with an average of between 0 and 1 day each month. June – August is the busiest season in Piraeus, and as a result, housing and other accommodations may be more expensive than usual.

Popular Greek Foods: Must eat in Greece!

 · The autumn season (September through November)

In the fall, maximum daily temperatures range from 31.5°C to 18°C, which will feel rather pleasant given the humidity and breeze. It rains or snows consistently: between two and four days every month. Due to the low numbers of tourists, hotels may be rather cheap during these months.

 · The winter season (December through February)

Piraeus's temperature throughout the winter is too cold for travelers from warmer areas to enjoy. The average high temperature for this season is between 17.4°C and 12.8°C. On average, it rains or snows four to five times every month. At these times of the year, tourist traffic is relatively less.

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